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Chateau Le Verdoyer Summer 2006
Chateau Le Verdoyer Summer 2006

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Summer of 2006...Now Back In Holland...Bleghh

Posted on 13/9/2006 at 17:41 - 0 Comments - Post Comment - Link

Hiya everybody!

Im gonna do everything in english so that my french friends can understand what I'm talking about!

Im now home for 2 1/2 weeks and strangly it feels like im here already a year...

When you're in france, after a couple of weeks you want to go back home, off course, you don't think that all the time, but sometimes you do...

And now im back home, going to school again, and now i can't wait to go back to france again, i had such an amazing time there... My top memory's ;

* All the fireworks

* Playbackshows at wednesday, even the horrible one, when it rained and sanne, caro and i had to present!

* Marjolein jumping on your bed to kiss you goodnight hahaha, that was so funny!

* Trying to go to a concert of ''Blankass'', we went there, but the town couldn't provide the electricity that was needed, so the show was cancelled, so instead of that, this crap hippy wannabe band turned up,

* The scary frogs and bats and all the animals!

* Sanne thinking Marc Dutroix was behind her... I didn't know who he was!

* Monday Night Barbu Night... Oh Yeah , ubercool! Sanne even learned me how to play air-guitar on the barbu-song! I'm so cool at the moment!

* The nights and fun i had with Sem Mikel and Manon, at there tent listening to music, beer,

 Cutting there hair (Yes! Really!) and just the talks i had with them and the good times!

* All the friends i made, in holland, france, ireland, england... it's amazing... all around holland as well!

*All the accents i began to speak... im from den haag (the hague, la Haye, whatever you call it), and we speak Haags, well at the end, i spoke, Haags, Normal Dutch (ABN), Amsterdams, Brabants, French nd English in 1 conversation.... it was kinda funny...

* All the weird sentences me and the rest made... we have allot of them! a few ;


-Niels K : " un, deux, trois, tadadi comme ci comme ça, avec sa pulpe ! "

-Marjolein : " toucher la chatte de la voisine "

-Marjolein : " ta mère a une moustache "

-Niels K : " this song you don' have to do "

-Damien : " it's not only my nose, it's everybody "

-Megan to Damien : " no, because you like balls "

-Niels K and me : " when she was two years old she had boops like this "

-Niels K : " your inside is not fine "

-Me : " when I was born, I was born "

-Niels H : " je suis no electricity !! "

-Megan : " I'm addicted to apples "

-Niels K : " she's looking on my fingers "

-Sanne : " Look at my s it's wonderful ! "

-Niels K : " look in the sky there is a pilou pilou ! "

-Me : " sometimes it's the first "

-Niels K : " the song goes about "

-Emilie : " you make the terass "

-Niels K : " I, I, I, I, I want to eat something but on the other side I don't want to eat something "

-Sanne : " -Where is Megan ?
me : - Ik weet het niet
Sanne : - Moi non plus... "

-Damien : " -I feel something hard !
Marjolein : - Can I feel ? "

-Niels K and me : " I want to eat a big as cream "


I'll stop now with my sentemental bladiebla, here are some pictures!


Animatieteam! Niels K, Damien, Caro ik en Sanne!



Damiens Harem zo zit hij erbij..............Ik niels damien et sanne



ik en sanne, de laatste nacht in de bar, we mochten een ijsje van erik... lief huh ;)



Ik bij de kidsclub met een heel lief kindje Romee!


Rest van de fotos bj de volgende log!

France Deel 1 ....Het Gemis

Posted on 27/8/2006 at 09:48 - 0 Comments - Post Comment - Link


IK ben weer terug in nederland en ik vind het eigenlijk helemaal niet leuk... ik kom thuis met mijn spullen me vader gaat weg, ik sta alleen in mijn huis en besef me gewoon dat ik me heel erg alleen voel op dat moment. In frankrijk sliep je met 3 andere meiden op een kamer, dus dat opzich was natuurlijk al supergezellig. Je had zoveel mensen waarmee je omging, fransen, engelsen, nederlanders, het was er allemaal, een hoop gezelligheid, je was ook nooit alleen... altijd waren er wel mensen in de bar, in het loft, in de speelhal....pfff... natuurlijk helpt het dat ik gelijk mijn vriendinnen ging bellen, maar toch, he tis anders... De foto die ik hierbij heb gedaan is van het animatieteam waar ik lang mee heb gewerkt,2 maanden elke dag (behalve zaterdag:P en de andere is van sem, ik, mikel en manon, die mis ik ook heel erg, maar die zie ik heel snel weer, dus komt goed ,en de laatste foto was eentje van in het begin, toen speelde frankrijk op het wk (zie alle wangen met de franse vlag) en dat was supergezellig! ... mis jullie!!! xxx meg




Waar Bel Ik Vandaan?

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Naja hier heeft het zich allemaal afgespeelt.. heb ik je wel eens gebeld? dikke kans dat het dan vanaf dit stenen telefooncelletje was..leuk he:P 


Posted on 25/8/2006 at 15:54 - 0 Comments - Post Comment - Link


im going to write my story about france on this page...


im still in france at the moment but when im back home, in holland, ill write the whole story for you... im doing this because i want to remember this holiday for ever and i want to share it with my friends who i'm really gonna miss!

love meg xxx